Container Loading

Load Everything from Steel to Garbage with Ease A Bulk Commodity Intermodel loading system for Your Ultimate Convenience

Make your loading process more efficient with the container loading system for intermodel containers. Acculoader™ from X-Body Equipment Inc. in Loomis, California. We are proud to announce the latest in loading technology, designed to reduce costs, as well as waste. Contact an X-Body Equipment representative today (877) 464-0056 for more details on the release of our product.

Waste Recycling Shipping

Take all of your waste recycling and top load it into the Acculoader. All HMS 1 and 2 material is then transferred into the bulk commodity intermodel container, which can then be put on a rail car in single or double level, and sent via rail to the landfill. Thus, you have reduced your need for line-haul trucks.

Bulk Commodity Intermodel

Whole trees can now be top loaded into our machines and transferred into a container loader intermodel container in a 1-step function! The Acculoader™ allows you to top load any bulk commodity, such as whole lumber, grains, and aggregate. Call us today at (877) 464-0056 in Loomis, California, to see how you can maximize your loading processes with our bulk commodity intermodel loading system.

Speed up the container loading process with the Acculoader Bulk Commodity Loading System. Scrap Metals, Timber, Waste and other Bulk Commodities can be loaded with Ease. The Acculoader is manufacturerd to withstand heavy impact materials so that even the heaviest commodity can be loaded into any shipment container. It’s design allows container trucks to back right up to the acculoader. Earlier proceses involoved forklifts that unloaded the scraps and required a three to four man crew. The process was not only time consuming but dangerous. X body equipment allows ease of scrap shipment loading to reduce waste while saving time & money.

Contact us todayand find out more about the Acculoader.


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