Reduce Waste, Save Time & Money, become Eco Friendly!
Our Machine Loads:

• Steel
• Scrap Iron
• Shreaded Steel
• Timber
• Bulk Commodities

• Integrate Scale systems to determine accurate container weight.
• 41' footprint (smallest available)

Scrap Steel Recycling

Load 20 to 40-foot containers in as little as 10 minutes with the Acculoader™, instead of using a skip steer which could take more than an hour. Designed for any size yard, this unique product for HMS 1 and 2 steel loads products with maximum weight capacity and comes with an integrated scale system that allows for accurate container weight.

Furthermore, you can take scrap steel and recycle it into a bulk commodity intermodel container. Reducing waste the affordable way has never been so simple!

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Discover a better way to load HMS 1 & 2 steel with the patented container loading shipping product, intermodal container loading by X Body Equipment Inc.

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